Why Should I Wear a Condom?

Condoms revolutionised not just sex itself, but also global sexual health – they are your ultimate sex essential. Since the mid-1500s, when according to www.sciencemuseum.org.uk, chemically soaked linen sheets held in place by a ribbon were used as a prevention for Syphilis, condoms have evolved technically beyond belief.

Now they help offer you protection against unwanted pregnancy, many sexually transmitted infections such as HIV and even some types of cancer, at the same time allowing you to have a spontaneous, fun, exotic sex life.

Our Best Condoms to Improve Sex

Believe it or not, condoms can actually add to the ride bringing extra sensation and pleasure. They are designed so well and some of you say that you can’t even feel them at all. Using a condom gives you peace of mind that you are helping protect against any sexually transmitted infections so you can relax into it more.

You can even use them as part of the foreplay, in fact there is something exciting about the moment that time has come and a condom has to go on; it signals something, a change in momentum.

Condom Sizes

Luckily for you, condoms come in different sizes, shapes, textures, colours, flavours and materials, so it really is up to you to find your favourites both individually and together.

If you are working with a larger penis you may naturally look towards the Durex Comfort XL, which is 57mm wide compared to the standard ‘nominal width’ of many condoms – 56mm. If you are unsure about which condom to buy try our Find my Condom Quiz to help.

Textured Condoms

Take a test drive of different textures of condom available until you find your match. Why not try the Pleasure Me range which offer carefully positioned raised ribs and dots, engineered specifically to intensify your sensation and help you reach your climax.

Since every human body is different you should have some fun and take time to find the one that feels good for your individually. You can choose extra lubricated, latex or non-latex – its entirely up to you, the range is extensive and inclusive for all.

Flavoured Condoms

For all types of sex including oral, you can take your pick from a wide variety of delicious flavours, such as banana, strawberry, orange and apple and literally taste your way to climax. Failing this, use a regular flavoured condom with a flavoured lube to enhance oral sex.

It really is your choice when it comes to which type of condom you buy. You should have some fun trying as many different types of texture, size, flavour and material until you and your partner find your own personal favourites. Durex offer an extensive, high quality range for you to choose from, and while you experiment you will find that condoms can really help spice up your sex life.

Take our fun Find My Condom quiz to find out which condom is right for you.


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